Aamkunj Beach has a magnificent coastline and is loaded with surreal natural beauty, exudes peace and is a paradise for bird watchers.

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Barren Island Andaman

Barren Island in Andaman

Barren Island in the Andaman Sea now becomes the most significant tourist spot for global visitors. It locates about 140 km (85 mi) northeast of the Port Blair, the capital of Andaman Nicobar. It’s the only active Volcano in India which runs from Myanmar to Sumatra. Barren Island is a crucial part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and is well known as a Submarine budding Volcano, which lies Burmese plate.

Again, Barren Island Andaman has erupted in 2018, and many tourists around the globe come here to witness this geographical phenomenon. They also never forget to catch the snapshots in camera and video recordings as well.

What is there in and around Barren Island?

 Manta Rays, interesting basalt formations, topography of past lava streams and quickly developing coral gardens will genuinely payback to your visit expense. This destination is clearly remote but can be effectively gotten to by either a live on aboard ship or with scuba-administrators based at Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep). Day tours on private charters is also possible. You can consider fishing and scuba diving which can take time with you for about 6-8 hrs. The island can be accessed to by the guests, with the earlier permission  of the office concerned.

About Barren Island Andaman Trip in 2019

As it’s a volcano affected area, so no populations are established here. Even, the bird, animals and other small living creatures survive here in severe condition. So it’s not possible to stay on Barren Island and you have to stay in Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep) and can organize a trip by cruise and visit the same from water only. As it’s a much dangerous proven island, nobody would like to take a risk at all.

Fishing opportunity

On the way to Barren Island, you can have fishing experience and can see many marine lives. You will have to do breakfast, Lunch, snacks, water, and juice on the cruise only. A tasty fish dish could be prepared on the way as lunch will be prepared on the cruise.

Opportunity of snorkeling and Scuba diving

On the way of visiting Barren Island, the tourists who are interested in snorkeling and scuba diving can perform with great enjoyment. So, you will have the opportunity of seeing the underwater animals and Barren Island together.

Visit Barren Island from Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

Barren Island is a restricted zone of India and you have to take special permission from Govt. officials to land over there. Generally, the tourists watch the view from the water area and turn around the islands.

Hire private charter plane

Also, you can take the option of a private charter plane to enjoy the barren island from the air with various real snapshots and recordings. But, it’s not affordable for all the tourists. So, taking very close photo snaps and videos is very possible from a chartered plane.

Visiting Barren Island could be much beneficial for tourist with multiple purposes. You will have full day enjoyment for the full day. If you are interested in music and dance, it will be also arranged.

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