Aamkunj Beach has a magnificent coastline and is loaded with surreal natural beauty, exudes peace and is a paradise for bird watchers.

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Rutland Island
Campbell bay

This magnificent island is situated very close to Port Blair. It is just 20 km away from port Blair and can be conveniently reached by boat. It is popular for being the home to the native Jangil tribe of Andamans. The tribal population is concentrated in the island interiors.

Rutland Island has prominent mountain peaks by the name of Mount Ford, which is 433 meters high and Mount Mayo, which is 227 meters high. The island has very few inhabitants who majorly speak Hindi, Bengali and Tamil languages. As with all major islands, the primary attraction of Rutland Island is variegated coral reefs blessed with a rich variety of marine life. These coral reefs attract divers, snorkelers and scuba divers. The island is filled with hills, dense jungles and a rich variety of shrubs and jungles. Open water diving is popular for the variety of underwater creatures and colourful corals. The fun and relaxing tourist attraction spots of Rutland Island are Jahaji Beach, Bada Balu, Photo Nallah and Dani Nallah.

Mount Harriet National Park


The Mount Harriet National park was established in 1969. Mount Harriet Peak is located in the park and is the third highest mountain peak in the Andaman archipelago. It is a reserve forest with mountain ranges and beautiful coastlines. The infamous Kalapathar, which is bloody and still considered a curse, from where the Indian prisoners under the British rule were pushed to their horrific death in the ravines is located around 2 kilometres away from the park.

Mount Harriet National Park has very beautiful beaches. Thus when one treks across the park, one can find beautiful coastlines, a wide variety of endemic flora and fauna and a host of colourful butterflies. Mount Harriet also harbours a tribal community in its depths who actually belong to the negrito race and are basically hunters and food gatherers, living a primitive way of life.

The evergreen primitive forests of mixed varieties of trees shelter a wide variety of birds too, such as wood pigeon, cuckoo dove, Andaman drongo, white-headed starling, Andaman woodpecker and lot many more.

Chidiya Tapu

“Chidiya” in Hindi means bird. And as is implied by the name, Chidiya Tapu is the ideal place for bird watchers for viewing rare migratory birds and also the common indigenous birds, which are the attractive feathered residents of the island. Chidiya Tapu harbours a very exquisitely beautiful beach and attracts tourists in large numbers. The spot offers captivating views of sunrises and sunsets. The mix of dense deep evergreen forests on one side and the beauty of stunted hills on the other side flanked by mesmeric beaches make this spot idyllic.

One can view at least 46 varieties of endangered species of birds and animals in the vicinity. The mix of seasonal orchids and other varieties of plants along with the Sylvan Sands and the Munda Pahar Beaches provide an exquisite panoramic view. There are also provisions for staying in the forest guesthouse. The forests greet the guests with a wonderful mellowed cacophony of a multitude of bird species. Boating, snorkelling and swimming are the adventure activities usually indulged in by the thrill-loving tourists who visit these parts. Nature lovers and solitude seekers love to explore Chidiya Tapu, which is situated about 25 kilometres from Port Blair. Trek to Mundu Pahad while in Chidiya Tapu is attempted by the trekking enthusiasts.

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