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Viper Island

Viper Island is scarred with the notoriety of being the witness to the inhuman punishment and torture meted out to the Indian freedom fighters in the British pre-independence era. The island is said to derive its name from the ship named H.M.S. Viper in which a Britisher Archibald Blair had landed at Andaman and Nicobar Islands way back in 1789. The ship is said to have drowned near the island. Viper Island is as tainted with the blood and sacrifice of the brave national heroes as is the Cellular Jail. It was the jail where the prisoners were captive before the Cellular Jail of Port Blair was built. It contains the ruins of gallows on top of a low hill. The worst form of torture was given to the political prisoners who were chained together through iron couplings that earned the name Viper Chain Gang Jail. The prisoners were also subjected to hard labor. Apart from the historical taint, Viper Island is also blessed with immense natural grandeur. The old jail building tour is interesting enough. It can be reached by a short ferry ride from the Aberdeen Jetty of Port Blair. The island though not very well maintained now and sort of destroyed during the latest Tsunami that had hit the Andamans is yet worth visiting on account of its deep historical significance.

Ross and Smith Island

Ross and Smith are the twin islands of Andamans. Both the islands are connected by a sand bar that makes it extremely picturesque. Ross and Smith Islands attract a lot of tourists from all across the world. The sand bar gets submerged during high tide and then resurfaces during low tide. One can simply walk over from one island to the other via the sand bar. Enjoy photography of secluded beaches and glorious sunsets for which the pair of islands is famous. The island is also known to be the home of Olive Ridley Turtles and you can enjoy the view of turtle nesting and hatching of baby turtles and their march to sea if you are lucky enough.

Cinque Island

Cinque Island is not that highlighted maybe because there are similar other islands that are marketed aggressively and Cinque Island gets shadowed. It is a natural paradise and compares to the beauty of the more hyped islands. Blessed with white sandy shorelines, captivating coral reefs, and extensive azure oceans this island will catch the fancy of all who treads.

This uninhabited island calls for a unique experience. The rocky isles and sand bar joining the North and South Cinque islands are a treat to the senses. The virgin beaches attract tourists from all over the globe who run away from civilization and the madding crowd. This island offers snorkeling and diving in peace and solitude. Game fishing of giant GTs, black marlins, and tiger Cobras can be super exciting. Chartered boats reach Cinque Island from Port Blair. It is around 39 kilometers away from Port Blair.

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