Aamkunj Beach has a magnificent coastline and is loaded with surreal natural beauty, exudes peace and is a paradise for bird watchers.

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The honeymoon period is a period where love blossoms between two separate individuals. People who were only strangers a couple of days back become a part of each other during their honeymoon. Honeymoon is a trip like no other, a trip whose fragrance will stay in your life forever. The trip may last for 5 to 10 days, but the memories, impressions, experiences, bonds, comfort levels, romantic connections, affection and confidence developed during this trip will last forever. It’s a time when the groom shows the bride that she is the queen of his life, and the bride shows the groom that he is the king of her heart.

Although the memory of you being with your loved one is enough to bring a smile on your face, adding a few surprises and romantic gifts will make sure that you cherish the moment like no other in your life.

    • It is recommended that you spend some time at home before flying off for your honeymoon because this will allow you to start getting comfortable with your new spouse. You should Take Rest of At Least Two To Three Nights post marriage, introduce your better half to her new world, her new house, her new people so that she can settle down and get to know the people for whom you will need to pick up gifts. As with starting out, you should keep a gap of at least one complete day before going back to work. This will help you to unwind and unpack in addition to prepare for the week ahead.
    • The Duration of Your Honeymoon should be based on various factors such as leaves, budget, travelling location, distances, interests and fatigue levels. There is no standardization for honeymoon schedules. As it’s your honeymoon, you should be the one to decide such details or you get an idea from Andaman Excursion on how much time is good enough in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
    • Preparation of the honeymoon travel itinerary is one activity, which we should invest maximum amount of time and effort in. We all have numerous dreams for our honeymoon, which may range from partying whole night to just holding hands under the starry sky. But Kindly Note: there are no whole night partying / Disc facilities in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
    • Have a Discussion with Your Fiancé to understand each other’s aspirations. Based on same, shortlist few activities you want to do and the manner in which you both want to travel.
    • Also, see if there are things that your partner and You Are Allergic or Averse To. For example, many people have motion sickness which can result in vomiting on long road trips. This will help you avoid embarrassing situations on your honeymoon.
    • Keep a Generous Amount of Free Time for yourself. A rushed and overly organized itinerary might not allow you enough time to get close to your beloved. A typical plan should consist of the following:
      • A luxurious breakfast in the morning.
      • Relaxed sightseeing tours.
      • Late afternoon naps.
      • Some sumptuous siesta.
      • Free and flexible evenings.
    • Equip yourself with some Basic Knowledge of the City, especially in terms of its history, various tourist attractions, food habits, shopping locations and climatic conditions.
    • Make a List of All the Tourist Places in the City and select the most romantic ones. It is certain that such preparation would impress your partner greatly and earn you brownie points.
    • Be Realistic In Your Approach. There may be many fancy things that you want on your honeymoon but which may not be possible because of either budgetary constraints or even circumstances.
    • Obtain a detailed Day By Day Itinerary of your honeymoon.
    • The Accommodation would play a major role in the success of your honeymoon.
    • Try and get a Sea Facing or Valley Facing room or any other panoramic view. A picturesque view from the room acts as a perfect catalyst for setting off a romantic moment between your beloved and you. For instance, simply watching a sunset with your better half in the evening will be a memory that you will cherish for many years to come.
    • Check the Review of the Hotel on different travel websites. This will allow you to know exactly what to expect.
    • In case you plan to take late night walks outside the hotel then you should choose a location that has suitable Safety Arrangements so as to avoid unfortunate incidents. During a honeymoon, couples have a tendency to wear revealing dresses. Thus, it is critical that you choose a hotel that offers an environment that is safe for such activities. Although Andaman is a safe place for Honeymooners.
    • Ideally, amongst other things, the Budget Plays a Major Role in your choices when it comes to your honeymoon. Thus, one needs to plan the honeymoon very carefully in terms of financial limitations

In most of the cases, the honeymoon and its contents are decided on the basis of the funds available. Even though this appears quite a cold method of planning a honeymoon, it is still the most practical method. It makes sure that you do not spend beyond your actual ability to spend.

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