Wedding in Andaman

Wedding in Andaman Island

Indian weddings are known to be more than life with all the pageantry and show as we as a whole need to make our day excellent and memorable for we wed once in a life for seven lives! Being a various country, In India Andaman Excursion offers a scope of destinations for those huge weddings! If you want to make it royal then the Andaman and Nicobar are best.

Andaman is visited by a large number of domestic and outside travelers consistently. Staying in Andaman isn’t a test as there is sufficient choice for a wide range of accommodation in Andaman. Andaman Excursion offers various lodging options where you can enjoy the perfect magnificence of the place and relax at your very own pace.

A wedding can be of two types, like home-city weddings and Destination Weddings. Now, most couples dream of destination weddings because of the safe and secure arrangement and different tastes and environments. One of the best exotic destinations among all island destinations in India is Andaman Nicobar.  Along with the wedding ceremony, the couples and their friends and relatives can spend the wonderful environment on different beaches with crashing awesome waves. Here’s the enjoyment of cool breezes and vibes, which makes your wedding ceremony an unforgettable one.

Peaceful environment for Wedding in Andaman

Here’s available the no disturbance for you with few friends, bride, and family members. You can spend around 7 to 15 days before and after marriage. With tasty seafood and great treatment by the hotel, staffs make your day of wedding successful.

Andaman and Nicobar are perfect for getting hitched within the sight of your friends and family. Both of these are renowned for their pristine ambiance and air of harmony.

Add to this a segregated appeal that gives you a chance to concentrate on only you’re would-be, and you get a goal that spells flawlessness as a beach wedding spot. The flora and fauna of these two destinations will give a picture-perfect backdrop to your affair. Indeed, you may feel that these two are not so well known with wedding organizers, but rather that is another USP that these destinations bring to the table. While searching venues for your wedding in Andaman and Nicobar do investigate the Naval Marine Museum, Parrot Island, Mud Volcano, Chidiya Tapu, Corbin’s Cove Tourism Complex, Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep), Red Skin Island, Rose Island, and numerous different attractions there. Also, do not stress, that both these spots boast a various number of budget-friendly and luxurious venues for the accommodation of your guests.

Natural theme

The wedding party can imagine a beautiful natural theme for the great arrangement of a wedding party. Don’t bother about the place and food, your guests will definitely be happy with the high-quality decorations with catering service. Here we will arrange everything in your own cultural styles like Bengali, Rajasthani, Gujarati and South Indian, etc.

Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) Beach Wedding

As Indian Weddings include rituals, makeup, dresses, music, and dance but people choose some distance and extraordinary venues, which could be fulfilled well in Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) Beach. Several couples choose serene beaches in Havelock island (Swaraj Dweep) of Andaman Nicobar. Along with the wedding, the couple will have experience of touring various places like cellular jail, light & show, museum, and sailing on the cruise, etc. The greenish environment with bluish water environment extends the attraction of this island to organize wedding ceremonies.

Port-Blair luxury destination wedding in Andaman Nicobar

Port Blair – Luxury weddings are also the most enjoyable events in which the bride and groom never forget the breathtaking scenes of infinite sea water and cool sea breeze. Here they will spend the most romantic and private moment with the sensation of love and romance.

Choose your preferred island

See our list of islands and choose the right one for your destination wedding. Rest things will be arranged well by us.

Important Factors that need to be considered in Andaman wedding

At the time of booking a destination wedding party with a travel agent for Andaman Nicobar, the following factors need to be considered during the wedding in Andaman Nicobar Island.

Number of persons to join the wedding

You must calculate the number of persons, who are supposed to visit your wedding so that everything will be arranged accordingly and costing will be decided. Also, keep provision for some additional people, so that no scarcity will be suffered from.

Food types and numbers of dishes

You have to also order in advance about food types and number of meals per day, you want for your guests so that we can pre-design a costing plan for your wedding purpose.

Days of staying

Here days of staying needs to be decided from day one of wedding planning so that the rooms of hotel and resort could be arranged in advance.


The budget of a wedding to should be planned according to your own pocket up to your comfort level. We can arrange your marriage event with reasonable cost.

Kinds of hotel rooms and resorts

At the time of booking, you must mention the type rooms either luxurious or simple or seaside, etc. The cost will be designed accordingly. According to the number of rooms, there could be a great discount yielded for the wedding families.

Numbers of tourist spots you want to visit

Also, at the starting point, you need to inform us about your touring to the number of islands to which you wish to visit so that all costing will be calculated in advance along with cruise charges.

Place of wedding

The place of the wedding will be planned by you completely. If it’s within a hotel or resort surrounding the charges will be added. If you will organize near seashore, the charges may be borne by you.

Any additional music program

If you want us to accommodate any additional musical program either local or destination party, we will book everything in advance.

Hope the above factors help you organize a successful wedding ceremony.

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